With a foundation in Training & Education we can meet your educational needs, if you are a educational institution or a club that wants some formal training in building or maintainance of your fleet we would be happy to provide.

If you are a home builder working on your own building or restoration project and in need of some assistance to push you in the right direction don't hesitate to ask.

If it's within travelling distance we can be present on a day rate or price until the learning outcome is achieved.

If you are on the far side of the world we can offer a one to one consultation via mixed media.

We are currently comprising a list of e-documents that can be purchased in PDF format that will cover most repair and maintainance issues, this service also comes with free consultation in case any questions or problems may arise.

For those who want to try building a boat we will be publishing simple step by step plans of time tested designs that make an ideal starter boat with little time and expense you can get a taste of what building your own boat is like.

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