The Wavehunter "Il-Dana"(Still under Construction)

"What omen is this for I see a star upon the horizon that does not wait for the darkness of light?" Lord Balor on first sight of the Sun God "Il-Dana"

The Beginnings

I spent most of my early boat building days stuck in the Wharram Design Books, strong safe and practical Polynesian style cruising catamarans. One of my mentors praised their seaworthiness deeming them "Land Rovers of the Seas". When I saw the large ethnic Pahi 63 I was completely sold but there was no way I could justify owning such a vessel until what I witnessed in the Cote du Basque.

I was testing a "Mini-Mal" I had just shaped and glassed in College. Sitting amongst the crowded waves on the Cote du Basque, I observed a small "Cat" about 21ft or so sail up from Donista san Sabastien and moor just outside the breakers. A couple of guys jumped off with surfboards, caught a couple of waves, paddled back out, climbed back on board, hauled anchor and moved on to Anglet to catch more waves further up the coast.

So I figured why not do that, but on a larger scale giving more people the opportunity to do the same.


From that day on the concept of the Pahi 63 Wavehunter "Il-Dana" was born;

63ft in length and 28ft on the beam it takes on the presence of a village at sea. It has 8 private sleeping compartments that sleep 16 in total, Galley, Communal Area, 2 separate Heads for Ladies and Gents. On deck there is an Aft Boarding Ramp and Watersports Platform, the Centre Deck (Village Hearth) has a fire box for evening get togethers and Barbeques, Fwd is a netted chill out area for kicking back and sun bathing.

The ship was designed for crossing oceans with a large open deck area for warm climates, I plan to have it venturing north in the summers and chasing the sun south for the winters.

A New Home on the Seas

The concept I have for the "Il-Dana" is low tech environmentally friendly and affordable venture on the high seas. Self catering and back to basics, suitable to sample a more Bohemian lifestyle where on board you are more a member of a training crew than a charter party.

Passage making will be made under sail, using the best manual sailing practices (no push button sailing here). Navigation will be practiced "Old School" with Charts, Compass and Sextant though there will be GPS to assist those new to sailing and to check or correct our progress.

Though auxiliary motors (electric if possible) will be available if needed, most manoeuvres will be carried out using team work.

Since we will be mostly surrounded by water there will be an array of watersports equipment available on board, including rowing dorys for recreation and tender, windsurfer, kitesurfer, paddleboard, surfboard, snorkelling, fishing rods and spearfishing gear. You will be invited to bring your own surfboards and watersports gear if you wish.

Everyone is involved in the running of the ship taking part in a scheduled 4 hour watch which gives everyone a chance to sail the vessel and part take in the adventure. All other duties will be shared.

Same as home you'll have your own private quarters but you also have your communal areas as well so you can choose whether if you want to mix with others or have your own quiet time.

Cooking and the preparation of meals can be done in the Galley under passage and while the boat is moored the deck tinderbox can be fired up for a barbeque.

There are separate Heads for Ladies and Gents which consists of wash area, solar shower, and cartridge toilet.

Electrics and artificial light will be kept to a minimum, for entertainment you are invited to bring your own musical instruments or use the ships guitar. There will be an array of books and board games available on board.


How to get invloved

Though it comes under the title of Charter the Pahi 63 "Il-Dana" is run more as an adventure club rather than a charter ship. As a club there will be a nominal membership fee which lasts the duration of the membership year. As a member you will be entitled to purchase a monthly timeshare for a private compartment on a first come first served basis. The cost of the monthly time share is engineered to be equivalent to the cost of living at home.

On the oceans there is no utility bills, services charges or council taxes. Surplus costs would be a share for food and your own personal cash. The cost of living onboard depends on the food share and on how good or bad the fishing was that day. Other costs you may incur would be Immigration and Customs depending what port we pull into. What you spend on shore is your own business.

As members you will be invited to vote on the route and passage making, the majority vote makes the decision.

The Pahi "Il-Dana" is nearing completion and will be soon undergoing its sea trials in SE Asia. The photographs shown here are the designers own and with the permission of James Wharram Designs. To find out more about the Wharram Catamarans and philosophy visit www.wharram.com

To keep up with the progress of the Pahi "Il-Dana" visit http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/profile/Geminidawn


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